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What is a web application?

A web application runs using a client-server architecture and is accessed by users through their browsers. Not all web applications are accessible over the internet or used for SEO purposes. Some are merely operational applications used by businesses to perform their functions.

Why do I need a web application?

Let's use a real-world example. Tim owns a business providing after-sales support for various retail companies. The firm developed custom desktop software that its employees use to capture queries and responses. The software evolves as Tim's customer base grows, and one pain point is the process of updating the software every time a new version is released. During business hours, there have been various interruptions because faulty software and rollbacks take time and are not always as straightforward as expected. So Tim decided to hire a freelance web developer to redevelop the software as a web application to enable quicker updates and better rollbacks. By making a one-off investment, Tim mitigated risk and lowered the long-term operational costs of his business by eliminating the problems experienced with software updates and rollbacks.

How do I know I need a web application?

Think about the software used by your business. Do you have desktop or legacy software applications that can be improved by replacing them with web applications? I'll leave you with this, be innovative, think out of the box, and stand out from your competitors. Think about what you can improve, and contact me if you feel you need an experienced freelance web developer or consultant who can help you through this process step-by-step. 

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