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What is software integration?

Software integration is the development of new software to establish synergy between an organization's software applications. Software integration might require the use of current APIs, new APIs, or other means of making the software work as a single unit.

Why do I need software integration?

Let's use a real-world example. Vanessa is the owner of a business that specializes in corporate gifts. She receives many queries via her website contact form. She usually manually enters these business leads into her lead management software to download a CSV that she analyzes monthly to determine which marketing funnels work the best. This process is highly time-consuming and disconnected. So Vanessa decided to hire a freelance software integration developer to help integrate her website, lead management software, and reporting tool to work as a single unit. The software developer creates a webhook that is called as soon as a query is submitted via the website, which triggers the automatic creation of a lead. Lastly, the developer generates a new API called by the reporting tool to read the leads and generate a monthly report. By making a one-off investment, Vanessa mitigated risk and lowered the long-term operational costs of her business.

How do I know I need software integration?

Think about your business processes and if there are any disconnects or ways your software can work better as a single unit. I'll leave you with this, be innovative, think out of the box, and stand out from your competitors. Think about what you can improve, and contact me if you feel you need an experienced freelance software integration developer or consultant who can help you through this process step-by-step. 

Software integration projects I've assisted with

Below is a list of the software integration projects I've assisted customers with.

Convertics Google Ads API
TyreCOP TCP Middleware