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If you are looking for an experienced freelance report developer to assist you or your business, contact me, and discuss your report requirements. Or read more about my experience and what I can offer you below.

Why do I need a report?

Let's use a real-world example. Kyle is the owner of a chain of retail shops that specializes in the sale of high-end clothing. Kyle suspects that their target market is becoming more comfortable with buying clothes online and that their physical outlets are no longer as popular as they used to be. However, Kyle needs concrete evidence before deciding whether he would increase his yearly budget to improve his online presence. So Karl decided to hire a freelance report developer to write a business report that would compare the products sold online vs. his retail outlets and monthly profits for each. The report would also indicate the number of outfits returned when bought online and the associated costs to handle this process. By making a one-off investment, Kyle mitigated risk, and he can now make informed business decisions regarding his online shops.

How do I know I need a report?

Think about the business decisions you need to make and whether you feel comfortable making these decisions with the data you have and how it's presented. In most cases, businesses have access to the information they need. It's just not presented in a valuable format. So I'll leave you with this, be innovative, think out of the box, and stand out from your competitors. Think about the information you need, how it's presented and how it can be improved, or contact me if you feel you need an experienced freelance report developer or consultant who can help you through this process step-by-step. 

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