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What is an API?

The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface. In layman's terms, it's software that allows communication between various software applications. Let's use an analogy. Think of the different software applications that need to communicate with each other as departments within a company. Let's say the marketing department needs the sales figures for a specific product for the past two years. In this scenario, the marketing and finance departments represent the software applications that need to communicate, and the employees doing the work represent the API. The marketing department would phone or email an employee of the finance department and ask for their required information. The finance department would, in turn, prepare the required information and email it back to the marketing department. In this example, the sales figures are sensitive information. They are only given to the marketing department because the finance department trusts the employee who lodged the request. As with the analogy used above, an API is the "employee" doing the work required between various software applications.

Why do I need an API?

Let's use a real-world example. Jack is the owner of a plumbing business that employs three people, plumbers John and Mike and Annie, the receptionist. The business use two software applications, a project management tool used by John and Mike to track the hours they spend at a client's premises, and a financial tool used by Annie to create invoices for the completed jobs. Coming out of Covid lockdown, Jack realizes that the business is suddenly servicing a backlog of work, leaving Annie split between answering calls, booking appointments, and creating invoices. All of this resulting in lost jobs and delayed payments affecting cash flow. In the short term, the cost of hiring a new person is not justifiable. However, the situation is temporary but can happen again. So Jack decided to hire a freelance API developer to automate invoice creation so that Annie could focus on answering calls and booking jobs. The resulting API allows the project management tool to send instructions to the financial application as soon as John or Mike completes a job. The financial tool, in turn, automatically creates the invoice and emails it to the client. By making a one-off investment, Jack mitigated risk and lowered the long-term operational costs of his business.

How do I know I need an API?

Each business is unique and uses a different set of software applications. Think about the software your company operates and the processes involved in servicing your clients or selling your products. There are always business processes that can be automated or streamlined to increase your profits or improve efficiency. And of course, APIs are not limited to your organization, and perhaps you need to integrate the software you use with your suppliers or customers. I'll leave you with this, be innovative, think out of the box, and stand out from your competitors. Think about what you can improve, and contact me if you feel you need an experienced freelance API developer or consultant who can help you through this process step-by-step. 

APIs I've developed

Below is a list of the API I've developed for customers.

Convertics Google Ads API