TyreCOP Microsoft SQL Server Database

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About TyreCOP and why they needed a database

TyreCOP runs a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), providing mines worldwide with valuable data to manage and maintain the tires used for their fleet of vehicles. In addition, they developed hardware sensors that communicate to their cloud server through TCP middleware. The data needed to be stored and processed in a meaningful, secure, and reliable manner to provide their customers with valuable reports and other operational information.

The TyreCOP database specification

TyreCOP needed a reliable and secure database engine that could handle a high volume of data, scale and integrate with their current report writing tools. They already used Microsoft SQL server and had available licenses, which made it the obvious choice.

Challenges posed while developing the TyreCOP TCP database

Data are sent as frequently as every 10 seconds per vehicle, so it was of utmost importance that the database could scale and handle large quantities of incoming data. In addition, the newly designed hardware was still in its infancy. Therefore, although the hardware and TCP middleware managed most of the false readings, the database had to perform scheduled data cleansing procedures as an additional safeguard. TyreCOP also has various clients operating mines in third-world countries where connecting to cloud infrastructure is impossible because of poor internet connections. Most of these clients operate Linux servers and require a local onsite database running in a Docker container.

The software stack and tools used to develop and host the TyreCOP database

The first version of the database was designed and developed in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and was upgraded and improved as new versions got released by Microsoft. It currently runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Onsite databases run in a Docker container installed on a Ubuntu Linux server.