TyreCOP Admin Application

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About TyreCOP and why they needed a Desktop application

TyreCOP runs a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), providing mines worldwide with valuable data to manage and maintain the tires used for their fleet of vehicles. Their clients configure the sensors installed on each truck. Therefore, they needed an easy-to-use interface to set up the applicable network and other settings for each hardware device.

The TyreCOP Desktop application specification

TyreCOP required an easy-to-use desktop application that is used to configure their hardware sensors. The settings included:

In addition, they required duplication of certain administrator functionality that already existed for their web application, such as account and fleet management.

Challenges posed while developing the TyreCOP Desktop application

A service-oriented architecture is best suited because TyreCOP wanted to duplicate administration functionality between their desktop and web applications. Unfortunately, the TyreCOP software was not designed with this in mind, so a service layer had to be designed and developed, and the web application had to be changed to make use of the new service endpoints.

The software stack and tools used to develop and host the TyreCOP Desktop application

TyreCOP already had various Windows servers but was working hard on decoupling their software and exploring the possibility of moving some of the newer components to a Linux environment. It was therefore crucial that the service layer would be able to run cross-platform. So I developed the TyreCOP API in Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 running in a Docker container on an AWS EC2 instance with a load balancer. The desktop application was developed using Microsoft .NET C# and deployed using ClickOnce to ensure all installed instances are kept up to date.