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Are you looking for a freelance software developer that has extensive experience in Firebase development? Contact me, and let's chat about how I can assist you with planning, designing, development, testing, deployment, or support of your custom Firebase software.

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Hiring a Firbase developer

What should you consider when hiring a freelance Firebase developer?

Historically software applications made extensive use of relational database designs. However, as software development evolved, the need for unstructured, more flexible, and faster data retrieval became undeniable, resulting in NoSQL database solutions such as Firebase. In addition, the evolution of cloud infrastructure services and the drop in data storage costs allow NoSQL database designs to provide the flexibility of data duplication in certain instances. It's important to understand that relationship data are still a big part of Firebase. It's just stored differently. When looking at hiring freelance firebase developers, you need to ensure that they understand data, the relationships between data, and how to design and structure your Firebase database so that it works best for the requirements of your business. Getting the initial design of your database wrong will result in the loss of time and money and could potentially result in reputational damage. I've designed, developed, and tested relational and non-relational database solutions for clients ranging from startups to big corporate organizations throughout my career. I've been privileged to work with relational and NoSQL databases, allowing me to understand relational data structures and how these structures and their queries can be improved using a NoSQL database such as Firebase. I'm in a position of having experience in both solutions, giving me a unique perspective to assist you in developing the best possible solution for your business.

Hire a dependable, fast working Firebase developer
Freelance Firebase Developers, New Zealand
Cost per hour

What you can you expect to pay for the Firebase development services that I provide?


What are the Firebase services I provide?

Database design, development and testing

I assist you with your database design by analyzing your requirements and communicating with your organization's key stakeholders and domain experts. Once I understand your data and identified its interrelationships,  I develop and test your database and help you set up your user acceptance, quality assurance, staging, and production environments where required.

Authentication setup and third party integration

I  set up your preferred third-party sign-in provider or develop custom Firebase middleware to manage any unsupported authentication methods. Firebase supports the following third-party sign-in providers.

  • Email/Password
  • Phone
  • Google
  • Play Games
  • Game Center
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Anonymous

Email setup and third party integration

I set up and integrate your Firebase database with your preferred SMTP provider, enabling you to send out and track your operational and marketing emails easily. I can also assist with your email template design and development using best practices to ensure that your emails are not delivered to the recipient's spam folders. I've helped various businesses with setup and integration with major email service providers such as MailGun, Sendgrid, and MailChimp. Feel free to explore my work for Fill That Wallet, a small startup company I helped set up their Firebase and Mailgun integration or read more about how you can set up and configure the Firebase Trigger Email extension yourself.

Freelance Firebase developer that can assist with MailGun setup and integrationFreelance Firebase developer that can assist with Sendgrid setup and integrationFreelance Firebase developer that can assist with MailChimp setup and integration

Stripe payment setup and integration

I guide you through the process of integrating a new or existing Stripe account with your Firebase database to manage payments and monthly subscriptions easily. In addition, I help you to set up data syncing to ensure you always have the most up-to-date customer and product data on both platforms.

Client application design and development

I'm a qualified full-stack developer and can assist you with planning, developing, and testing your client-side Firebase implementation. I have a lot of experience writing standard HTML/Javascript, Angular, Ionic, and C# client applications, implementing Firebase for various web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Serverside function design, development, and testing

Serverside functions are a big part of the operational success of a business and can be used to improve processes and efficiency significantly. I've been privileged to be part of various core business teams responsible for planning and implementing such operations. As a result, I have the experience to help you plan and develop the backend Firebase functions you need to improve your business. Of course, serverside functions are only limited by your imagination. Still, they would typically include things like the generation of PDF files or operational data cleansing, to name a few examples.

Web service and API design, development, and testing

I assist you with setting up your web service and API endpoints that allow internal or external software applications to communicate with your Firebase database. These Firebase service endpoints can be used as part of a service-orientated architecture or in conjunction with a Stripe integration to create new revenue streams for your business. In addition, I help you think through important decisions like security and how to monetize the use of the web services or APIs you provide to your clients.

Use your Firebase API to generate new revenue streams
Freelance Firebase web service and API developer

Scheduled task design, development and testing

As an experienced freelance Firebase developer, I've developed numerous scheduled tasks for businesses and individuals alike. These scheduled tasks can be as simple as emailing clients on their birthdays or more complex. For example, reading and calculating data to generate daily, weekly, or monthly operational reports. Whatever your needs, I will work through your requirements specification and help you develop a solution that is best suited for your business.

Relational to Firebase database migration

As database technologies evolve, more and more businesses find themselves in a situation where they require a mix of NoSQL and relational databases. I'm an experienced relational and NoSQL database expert. I have a unique skill set to assist you with your organizational data, how and where it should be stored, and how to migrate from your current data stores to a Firebase database.