Firebase and MailGun examples

Freelance Firebase Developer, New Zealand

Do you need a freelance software developer to help you to integrate your MailGun account with Firebase? Contact me, and let's talk about how I can assist you with setting up your account to send your operational and marketing emails.

Firebase and MailGun examples
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Client: Fill That Wallet

Firebase and Mailgun setup to email PDF invoices

Sending emails is an integral part of good working software. Therefore, it's essential to have reliable email processing in place that would give you the confidence that your operational and marketing emails get delivered and give you the ability to quickly send and track your emails. For example, I recently completed a project for Fill That Wallet, a small startup invoicing SaaS platform, to create and email PDF invoices on behalf of their subscribers. Mailgun emails are triggered by writing documents to a Firebase collection, which not only makes it easy to track but simple to send.

Firebase and Mailgun email setup